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Nothing is what it seems

R6 is different from anything you’ve seen
before, it’s the ultimate synthesis between
form and function.

2100 L

Max Speed

Join the mood

R6 was designed to engage everyone aboard. The helm station is better integrated with the cockpit with a side chaise longue, while the kitchenette is right behind the console seat.
Now you can pilot and enjoy the company.

Linear Surfaces

The Xtensions bulwarks system is now equipped with a rototranslation system that expands the sundeck with no operation gaps. The beach area becomes even more pleasant and performing.

The Hybrid Open

The beach area and the cockpit create a single open space where you and your friends can relax, dance, chat, experience the sea.

The beach area and the cockpit create a single open space where you and your friends can relax, dance, chat, experience the sea.

R6 can be equipped with upper deck
and lower deck kitchenettes, both
customizable with different hobs.

The lockers can accommodate the yacht’s cleats, anchor and fenders, but are spacious enough for leisure elements like seabobs. The tender garage is located under the sundeck and it’s equipped with a new roller system.

Longer Cruises, More Comfort



Even Larger

R6 can accommodate up to 4 spacious and bright double cabins, with hidden storage under the berths.

A simple touch and 30 seconds are what it takes to open the hydraulic XTensions bulwarks and turn the beach area into a 270 square feet terrace.  It becomes a lounge, a sundeck, open space for parties. Anyway, you won’t get unnoticed.  

The sundeck can accommodate a Transformer platform which rotates by 270° to support boarding and disembarking, diving, or staying even closer to the water.

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